Simple telemedicine for caregivers

Reduce hospital days by 85% for medically fragile patients

For small care sites and limited IT staff

No Plug – Just Play

Zero Effort Installation

Only 48 hours from contract to

Video Housecall™ with Dr. Dan Davis

iCare ExamCam™ for Long Term Care

Home Vent Management with iCare ExamCam™

Telecare for the Medically Fragile

    • 85% reduction in hospital days
    • 80% reduction in emergency visits
    • 100% patient and family satisfaction
    • Remotely manage vents, PICCs, G-Tubes, wounds, and more

Small Care Sites or Limited IT Staff

    • Telestroke
    • Long Term Care- SNF, care homes, private homes
    • School- based telehealth
    • Work Sites
    • Homeless shelters




No Plug Just Play

    • Zero effort installation
    • One button, no wires
    • No training
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    • Simple, yes, really simple

Easy Engagement

    • Design your telemed network online
    • Confirm design with iCare experts
    • Monthly fee per iCare ExamCam
    • OpEx, not CapEx
    • 48 hours from contract to installation

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