Simple telemedicine for caregivers

iCareTech Use Cases

Simple & effective, iCare ExamCam and Video Housecall create clinical success

    • Medically fragile patients- 85% reduction in hospital days, 100% patient satisfaction
    • Telestroke-  50% improvement in thrombolytic therapy
    • Care Transitions- safer discharge of complex patients reduces readmissions
    • Wound care- easy, frequent follow up and reduce “windshield time”
    • Long term care- strengthen collaboration between acute and chronic care teams

Wound Care Virtual Rounds with iCare ExamCam

    • Assess patients effectively through live video.
    • Avoid non-productive “windshield time”
    • Re-evaluate frequently, even daily at low cost
    • Virtual coaching of bed side caregivers improves wound care
    • Greater patient and family satisfaction

Immediate assessment of home ventilators

    • Instant assessment of high risk respiratory failure
    • Evaluate and change ventilator settings remotely
    • Observe respiratory patterns and ventilator circuits
    • Virtual coaching and monitoring of bed side caregivers
    • Improve patient safety and enhance caregiver confidence

Thrombolytic- Yes or No?

    • 3AM, rural ED- Time is brain.
    • Telestroke within minutes saves lives and reduces disability
    • tPA rates ≥50% in eligible patients with acute ischemic stroke
    • 2- to 3-fold increase in the use of thrombolysis in the smaller community hospitals
    • Reduce ethnic and geographical disparity in the delivery of stroke thrombolysis

Dermatology for home bound patients

    • A picture is worth a thousand words
    • Easy, inexpensive reassessment of empiric therapy
    • Virtual Specialty Clinic includes dermatology
    • Care in minutes, not weeks
    • Greater patient and family satisfaction

Telemedicine, telehealth, telecare, telestroke- what ever its called, is like a time machine for healthcare. Simple design, simple use, simple installation are key requirements for healthcare over distance and time. Learn more. Contact us at

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